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When talking about the best pitchers in the National League, two of the first names that come up are Roy Halladay and Josh Johnson. Halladay has been the premier pitcher in the major leagues over the past few years and brought the Cy Young Award home for the Phillies last year, but after last season and the start of this season it looks like he finally has a legitimate challenger in Florida’s Josh Johnson. Johnson is off to a fantastic start and is looking more and more like the pitcher to own in fantasy baseballthis season.

Halladay is not going to go down without a fight however. He won the NL Cy Young last year with a 21-10 record, 2.44 ERA, and 1.04 WHIP to go along with 9 complete games. What makes Halladay so special is his ability to pitch deep into games even on days he does not have his best stuff, evidenced by his 31 decisions in 33 starts. His immaculate control is another aspect of Halladay’s game that makes him so devastating. He struck out 219 batters last season while only walking 30. Halladay has struggled a little bit so far this season, but still sports a 2.83 ERA and 1.12 WHIP. He has pitched into the 7th inning of every game so far this season including one complete game already, so he is showing no signs of slowing down this season.

Josh Johnson is making his case for top fantasy baseball pitcher though.



Breakout players are what every fantasy owner hopes to find in each sport. They usually lead to championships because you are getting more value out of the players you select. Think about football season. People who drafted Adrian Peterson got exactly what they wanted and expected from him, but that didn’t guarantee them a championship. Now think about the owners that got Arian Foster and Darren McFadden in the middle rounds, those are the players that led teams to the top of their leagues. These are the MLB players that should be able available as fantasy baseball sleepers in 2011 fantasy baseball.

Rajai Davis – OF – Toronto Blue Jays

Davis might be the best option for fantasy baseball owners looking for cheap steals late in drafts. While Davis has been around for a while, this may be his real breakout season. He stole 50 bases in 61 chances last year for the Oakland A’s, but has never really put up solid numbers in any category outside of that. Davis should be what the Jays were hoping Fred Lewis would be last year. A leadoff man that can create runs for them when they aren’t hitting. In front of the Jays big bats he should be able to total a lot of runs and should post better batting average numbers because he will see better pitches.

Max Scherzer – SP – Detroit Tigers

Scherzer began his breakout last season much like Andrus, but unless you owned him you would likely never know. He had a horrible start that skewed his stats for the season. After 8 starts he was 1-4 with a 7.29 ERA. He was sent to AAA where he changed up his mechanics. Upon returning he went on a season ending tear. Scherzer finished his last 23 starts with a 2.46 ERA. Expect him around 15 wins and to have 200+ strikeouts, and likely the hype that he should have received last season.

Brett Gardner – OF – New York Yankees

The Yankees have shuffled their lineup over the last few games with Brett Gardner taking over the leadoff spot and Derek Jeter moving down a spot. This is a great idea by the Yankees because Jeter has always been more of a natural second hitter. While the big name in this move is Jeter, the bigger fantasy impact will be on Gardner. While he may struggle at first hitting at the top of the lineup, it will benefit him either way. He will gain somewhere between 50 and 100 at-bats. That should put him around 600-700 plate appearances if he is playing close to everyday. Based off Gardner’s stats from last season in which he stole 47 bases and scored 97 runs from the bottom of the lineup, there is no reason that he couldn’t get 120+ runs and 60+ steals with that many extra chances. Keep watch leading up to your draft on Joe Girardi’s final decision because it could vault Gardner’s value into the top 30 outfielders. (Continue…