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Despite everything that has happened this season, the Chicago Bulls own the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Injuries have really taken their toll on the Bulls this season, they have lost both Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer for lengths throughout the season. It’s a lot like NBC’s The Office, the cast is always shifting, but as long as the main man (Derrick Rose/Michael Scott) is around the conclusion remains the same, it was well worth the time to watch the final product.

When everything comes together the Bulls are scary good.

They boast the leading candidate for MVP in Derrick Rose with one of the best and deepest front-lines in the NBA.

There are no teams that want to see the Bulls in the Finals this season, but most of all the Los Angeles Lakers should want to avoid them.



Space Jam

Space Jam. It’s a great movie, but an even better conversation starter.

What if you had to pick a team of NBA all-time greats to defend the earth in a basketball game?

Who would you choose? And why?

This discussion took place for a little while on today’s (February 10th) First and 10 on ESPN 2 between Skip Bayless and John Ireland.

Assume every player is in his prime and think about it long and hard. The fate of the Earth is in your hands.

There are lots of ways to assemble this team; pick the one that would work best together or pick the most immensely talented players you can. You can choose fundamentals with guys like Tim Duncan and John Stockton. Maybe old school tough guys like Bill Laimbeer and Bill Russell.

Almost everyone’s teams will be different because of their personal preferences about players and there is no right answer, but it’s always exciting to discuss and argue about.

Here is my list… (Continue…)