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Despite everything that has happened this season, the Chicago Bulls own the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Injuries have really taken their toll on the Bulls this season, they have lost both Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer for lengths throughout the season. It’s a lot like NBC’s The Office, the cast is always shifting, but as long as the main man (Derrick Rose/Michael Scott) is around the conclusion remains the same, it was well worth the time to watch the final product.

When everything comes together the Bulls are scary good.

They boast the leading candidate for MVP in Derrick Rose with one of the best and deepest front-lines in the NBA.

There are no teams that want to see the Bulls in the Finals this season, but most of all the Los Angeles Lakers should want to avoid them.




Too big, too strong, too fast. Too good.

During almost every Chicago Bulls game you will hear TV analyst Stacy King utter these words. And no he is not referring to Keith Bogans.

Derrick Rose has been exactly that this season, just plain too good for the rest of the league. He is having a career year in just his third season in the NBA. He is averaging 24.8 ppg and 7.8 apg and has lead the Bulls to the top of the Eastern Conference.

When comparing Derrick Rose to the other top point guards in the NBA, I found one amazing thing.

He has found a way to combine the best parts of each other PG’s game, like the Frankenstein of the NBA. Right now, point guard is the premier position in the NBA and this skill set is what makes him the best of the best. (Continue…

Tyreke Evans will return to the Kings soon.

With just a couple weeks left in the NBA season, teams are trying to get their injured players healthy and back on the court. While it is not a good time to rush guys back, coaches want their players in top shape heading into the playoffs. If you have been missing and important piece to your fantasy basketball team like Carlos Boozer, Marcus Camby or Tyreke Evans.

Tyreke Evans – G – Sacramento Kings
All reports out of Sacramento say that Evans will return to the Kings for Friday’s game. He is expected to be limited in minutes in some way to start, but should help fantasy owners either way. The main problem is that most fantasy owners that drafted him are likely out of the playoffs by now, so this is only slightly good news. (Continue…)



The Duke Blue Devils opened the NCAA tournament with one of the most watched and speculated upon 1 versus 16 match-ups ever.

This was not because of the match-up or even that Duke is one of the most loved and most hated teams in the country. It was because freshmen phenom Kyrie Irving was making his unexpected return to the line-up.

Irving missed 26 games and there was some thought he would not make it back this season. He began practicing with the team leading up to the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship game. He worked with the team all week as well before Coach Mike Krzyzewski announced Thursday that Irving would return to the Blue Devils rotation. (Continue…)


Where We Begin

Listening to: What’s My Age Again by Blink 182

Do not ever take the average days in your life for granted. Some of the most normal days in my life are what some of my best memories are about. It isn’t always necessarily about what you are doing, but more who you are doing those things with.  If you get an opportunity to spend every single day with great people doing something unexciting, I would never pass that up for the chance to do something exciting everyday by myself. Everything is what you make it and surrounding yourself with great friends and family helps you make the most of your time here.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007 Morning

I woke up this Wednesday morning as I did every morning of my senior year of high school, planning to wake up at 7, but of course rolling out of bed at 7:20 when I hear a horn coming from my driveway. Sitting in the car was probably my best friend in the world, Constance, another senior. Constance lived about 30 seconds from me, in the same down. We had been picking each other up for school since the beginning of junior year and she had become probably my closest friend who I felt I could talk to about anything. I almost exclusively made her late every day, usually waiting to get in the shower until she had already pulled in my driveway and gave me a honk. Constance and I had “dated” in middle school and I always gave her crap about it because she dumped me after just a few weeks and we would always have a good laugh about it. A couple of our mutual friends told me almost every day that she had a thing for me, but of course being the ignorant person I usually am I would just shrug it off. We had gone to the homecoming dance together earlier in the year, but nothing had really happened to change our friendship. As I got out of the shower I looked at my phone for the time, it was 7:31. School starts at 7:55 and it takes about 20 minutes to get there and about 5 minutes to get to class, we knew we were going to be late again. I threw on some clothes, just my usual basketball shorts and t-shirt, most likely not matching at all. I ran out to the car to see Jeff already sitting in the back seat. Constance and Jeff usually had a nice 20 minute conversation each day while they waited for me to get myself out to the car, however Constance would always tell me how quiet he was. I would laugh and say, wait to you get to know him and he may never stop talking again because anyone who knew my brother like I do would tell you that they would pay a hefty sum to get him to shut up now and then when he gets on one of his rants.

I climbed in the passenger seat and just like everyday apologized for my tardiness. Pulling away with her morning to morning dull frustration with my oversleeping she said, “It’s fine” which everyone knows means it’s not fine. Constance reached in the glove box and the next stoplight and handed me a CD case. We made each other mix tapes to listen to on the way to school every couple of weeks; it was one of our things. We both liked the same kind of music, mostly soft rock and hip-hop mixed in. Trading mix tapes is my favorite way to find new music and it’s also a great way to get to know someone. Constance put in the mix tape and then she told me about how her parents were leaving next Thursday for the whole weekend. Next Thursday was our last day of our school for that week because our school had an institute day next Friday. She said she was planning to have “everyone” over for the night. When she says everyone, she doesn’t ever mean everyone. She means the people that all her girlfriends are on good terms with at the time, which changes, if not week to week, then maybe daily.  However, we had a large problem, parents going out of town usually meant a night of drinking, but most of our friends including myself are on the basketball team and we have the biggest game of the season next Friday against 22-1 Batavia. They are one of the best teams in the state and we need a win to secure second place in the conference and a decent seed in the state tournament. Taking all this into account, I tell her I will talk to my friends and see what they want to do. We arrive at school at 7:53, perfect timing if you’re trying to be 5 minutes late to class.

As soon as we park, Jeff takes off out of the car, he isn’t a senior so he has much bigger problems then we do if he is late. Constance and I take our time because we both know our 1st period teachers pretty well. As we walk in, I run into Mike, probably the most generally happy kid I knew in high school and one of my best friends that wasn’t on the basketball team. He had the same first period class as I did, so he waited while I threw my bag in my locker. He and Constance had already decided he was going to her house next week for the party. Mike and I rarely brought our books to math class because we just never felt like it. Constance took off for her class while Mike and I strolled to ours. We were going to be about 15 minutes late.

We opened the door and walked in to Mr. Lansing’s AP Statistics classroom. Now I used to be really good at math, but by senior year I would rather be punched in the face than learn math, but Mr. Lansing was about my favorite teacher in the whole school, so I kept taking his classes. The interesting thing about Mr. Lansing was that he could be the funniest guy on the planet one day, telling one of his Lansing Stories about his ridiculous life, then the biggest dick the next. Of course, unlucky for us on this day he was in a bad mood.

“Scott, Mike, do you have your books?” Mr. Lansing asked.

We looked at each other, full well knowing the other didn’t have their book either.

“Well get out of my class, you’re gone,” he said.

We turned around and walked right back out the door. We didn’t really know where to go, so we stopped by foods class to see what they were cooking today. We smuggled a few scones out of the classroom and continued to roam the halls, running into the principal, who happened to be dating the foods teacher, so we told him we were on an errand for her and he told us good luck. Mike and I ended up just wandering the halls for the whole period finding our friend and asking them if they were coming to Constance’s party next week. Most of the basketball players agreed to come saying they just wouldn’t drink that much. Finally first period ended with the bell, immediately I got excited at the chance to zone out through Beowulf during second period English 12. The rest of the day went pretty much like any other day. Listening to teachers try to teach a bunch of seniors who didn’t really want to learn, but we usually enjoyed most of our classes because we had some of the most interesting teachers around.

After school I headed for basketball practice. We had just played a game yesterday, but since our next game was so soon we had to have a short practice. I was not a big fan of our new coach; I had loved the passion that our coach had my first three years of high school. Our new coach had come over from the girl’s team and was always really nonchalant about everything he was doing and just didn’t seem to care about the game as much as some of the players did, myself included. However, we were 13-10 at this point in the season and it was our best start to a season in the 4 years I had been a part of the program, so we didn’t have much to complain about. Our practices were pretty easy and we always had a good time at practice hanging out together and playing a sport we all loved so much.

After practice I headed home for dinner, my Mom was making my favorite dinner, vodka spaghetti. We all washed up for dinner and when she said it was ready we all came down. My Dad, brother and I got up off the couch and made our way to the kitchen table. My mom immediately began discussing the upcoming ACT with Jeff. She told him he had to get a 30 because that is what I had gotten, however it took me three tries to get that score and I can tell you that test is not that easy. We had a deal with our Mom that if we got a 30 we got dinner at any restaurant we wanted. I had still not even used my dinner yet and Jeff had no idea where he would even want to go.

We finished eating and cleaned up our plates. Jeff and I headed downstairs to play some Madden on our Xbox. We usually split the games 50-50, but every time Jeff lost it seemed by the way he talked that the only reason I beat him was because the game cheated. Some people might find this annoying, but it made beating him at video games that much more enjoyable. After we played a few games, I went upstairs to watch the Lakers play. I am a huge Kobe Bryant fan, so I try to watch as many Lakers’ games as I can. After awhile I fell asleep on the couch ready to start it all over again the next day.



Who caused the Lakers early season struggles?

By: Scott Malewig

The Los Angeles Lakers headed into the the All-Star Break this year at 38-19. Not quite the record they were hoping for.

This was supposed to be the powerhouse that was looking for its third straight championship. As they were last year, the Lakers were expected to cruise through the Western Conference and be one of the favorites to win the title again this summer.

This year has not gone how any of the Lakers expected though. Kobe has struggled with his shot, Pau has seemed to be tired all season and Andrew Bynum missed much of the first half while recovering from knee surgery in the off-season.

Now everything has changed(Continue…)