Not the Weekend Yet

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I have a lot of days that I waste looking forward to what I perceive as better days. As my life has gone on I have tried hard not to do that as much. No matter what your plans or tasks are for a day, each day has the same value. Whether it is for work, fun or just relaxing each day is special and new. Every time I wake up I know that I have a new day to start with. Whether that be good or bad is up to me. Nothing can force you to have a bad day except your own desire to hold it back from its potential.

Wednesday, February 11, 2007 Afternoon

After school, the basketball team headed to the locker room for our last full practice before the Batavia game. We were all changing into our practice uniforms, trying to decide what we were going to do about Constance’s party. We were pretty conflicted, most of us enjoyed having a good time and drinking, but myself and a couple of the other guys who had been on varsity for a few years now, had lost to Batavia all 7 times we had played them in the last couple years, including a couple playoff losses. Our leading scorer, Chiefy, tended to be more concerned with drinking than most people were. He was stoked about the idea of having a party that night. Chiefy was a hell of a basketball player, one of the most smooth players I have ever had a chance to play with, he could score 20 points in a game with people barely even noticing that he had shot the ball all game. However, he never took anything to serious which was probably both his greatest attribute and his biggest problem. Just another 6’5” kid who never matched his clothes and always acted like everything was a joke, but we always knew that when it came time to play a basketball game he would give us his usual contribution. Then there was the contrasting view of Giraffe, our starting center, he had grown to about 6’7” over the summer and was probably our most valuable player when we started making our run in the second half of the season. He never came out to social things with the team in high school very often and told us he wasn’t coming to Constance’s on Thursday because we had a game the next day.

Throughout practice, Cheify tried to convince as many of us as he could to go to Constance’s party. Practice was pretty laid back because we were leading up to a big game and that’s just how those practices usually go, so we had a lot of time to talk. He talked most of us into deciding to go to the party during the course of the practice. We all agreed to head over there at about 9 o’clock. No one was worried about today, just thinking about the events ahead in the week.

After practice, I talked to my friend Fluff, another one of the seniors on the team. He is probably one of the most outwardly friendly people you will ever meet. A few of us decided to meet at his house  the next day before heading to Constance’s house because he lived on the next street over, so we could walk there and back there and stay the night.

I headed home after practice, took my usual nap for a couple hours and had dinner with my parents and brother. We talked and ate as we usually did. Nothing very exciting had really happened to anyone that day, so we talked about TV shows and movies like we always did. Family dinners were one thing I always took for granted going up. I never really realized that that’s not how dinner went for everyone or that a lot of people ate by themselves. Family dinners are maybe the biggest reason I am the person I am today. They helped me learn to listen and talk as well as just get to know my family.

After dinner, we sat down as a family to watch some TV and relax. I spent most nights like this during the week, but I would never trade them for anything. I always look back and relish in how nice it was to just be able to relax as often as I did growing up. It is hard to appreciate things when you have them. Once they don’t happen anymore is when you really start to cherish the times that you could just kick back and do that. All I could think about all night was the party and the game awaiting me at the end of the week.

Nothing could distract me from looking ahead to all of the excitement that was awaiting me on Thursday and Friday.



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