Memories Cannot Be Taken

Listening to: Bottom of a Bottle by Smile Empty Soul

Never take for granted the days or nights you get to spend with someone. No matter what you are doing it is truly a gift, the time we get to spend with each other. You never know when it will be the last time you are with someone, so why not make the most of it. The things that make life great are the memories we have and everyone knows that their best memories are not those times we spend alone, but the ones we have with those closest to us.

Thursday, February 12, 2007 Evening

After school and our short and quick day-before-a-game practice I headed home to get some dinner, so that I could get over to Constance’s party. I ate dinner with my family then I told my parents that I was headed to Fluff’s house for the night with a bunch of guys from the team. I drove over there and Fluff, his brother Beef and I sat around and watched my favorite show, Seinfeld, for a few minutes while we waited for everyone else to get there. Once we collected our group, Fluff, Beef, Giraffe, Chiefy and myself headed a street over to Constance’s house.

There were already a lot of people there when we arrived. A lot of the girls were already there, mostly Constance’s close friends. I walked in and started talking to Pookie and JuJu. They were two of Constance’s friends that I talked to the most. They as usual were discussing something ridiculous that someone had done at school that day. It almost seemed like something ridiculous happened everyday at our school. Either we had a lot of unintelligent people that went there or the school didn’t do a very good job of enforcing their rules.

After talking to them for a while I walked to the back of the house to see who else was already there. As I neared the backroom, I could hear a couple of load voices. Our two best senior baseball players, Tiger and Jeter, were arguing about something ridiculous as they usually did.  They had become really good friends ever since they had started playing baseball together when they were 15. Especially during baseball season you rarely saw them with anyone else. Tiger was one of the top ranked baseball players in the state as a pitcher, throwing in the 90 mph range, but you would never know it by talking to him. If you had a long conversation with him not knowing who he was you would think he was just another goofy kid trying to play baseball. Jeter, was probably the best hitter on our baseball team and the shooting guard on our basketball team as well. He is not only one of the loudest people I have ever met when he talks, but even if he has lost an argument you would never know it because he never gives up. Also, in the backroom listening to them bicker was QB, he was also our starting point guard on the basketball team, but to describe him as anything but “the quarterback” would be a complete joke. We are and always will be a football school first, so if you are the quarterback everyone knows you as “the quarterback.”

Cheify wandered to the backroom soon after I did, with his usual bottle of vodka and had started chugging it. Before long he had convinced all of us to do the same. As we spent time doing that and reminiscing about other fun times we had over the years more people started showing up. A bunch of Cheify’s friends from his neighborhood showed up and then two more of Constance’s friends walked in, Doll and Cat, they were really good friends and lived right near each other, so they usually arrived most places together. Doll was gorgeous, one of the most beautiful girls in our school, I had dated her a couple times in the last two years, but it never really worked out for both of us. She was always one of the nicest and most polite people around though and it was hard not to be in anything but a great mood when you were talking to her. Cat on the other hand, while she was a great friend of mine, was never afraid to speak her mind. Even though I think it is a great attribute in a person, she always seemed to have someone that was not happy with her for something she said. They came in and began mingling and drinking with everyone else.

After a while, everyone was getting pretty buzzed and no one had mentioned the big game that loomed tomorrow. Everyone was having a great time as we always did when we were all together. Cheify and his friends were drinking much more than everyone else as usually was the case. Constance’s friends kept telling me she wanted me to hang out with her, but I was spending most of my time talking to Doll. We were talking about our days in speech class sophomore year and how much fun it was to have a class together. This is where our friendship had begun. We were laughing about things that had happened in that class for the longest time. It had never worked out between us, but I always liked talking to her and hanging out with her. Constance was upset about this as usual, but I didn’t really take the time to notice.

A lot of people were really drunk around the house and it was getting a little out of hand. People were passing out on couches and beds, but some people were still drinking, so those of us that I had come with decided, since we weren’t drinking very much at that point, that is was about time for us to call it a night. It didn’t look very promising when we left that many of our starters for the game tomorrow were highly intoxicated. To say the least, it was a good thing the game was not until 7 PM.



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