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Despite everything that has happened this season, the Chicago Bulls own the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Injuries have really taken their toll on the Bulls this season, they have lost both Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer for lengths throughout the season. It’s a lot like NBC’s The Office, the cast is always shifting, but as long as the main man (Derrick Rose/Michael Scott) is around the conclusion remains the same, it was well worth the time to watch the final product.

When everything comes together the Bulls are scary good.

They boast the leading candidate for MVP in Derrick Rose with one of the best and deepest front-lines in the NBA.

There are no teams that want to see the Bulls in the Finals this season, but most of all the Los Angeles Lakers should want to avoid them.



Our 2011 Mock Draft 2.0 continues with picks 16-32.

16. Jacksonville – Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue

Jacksonville is another team that needs to establish a pass rush. Kerrigan should help them do that as a high energy end.

17. New England – Cam Jordan – DL – California

Jordan may move up as we get closer to the draft, but for now his versatility on the DL makes him a perfect fit for the Patriots.

18. San Diego – Rahim Moore – S – UCLA

Eric Weddle may leave in the offseason so Moore would give them insurance in the defensive secondary.

19. New York Giants – Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin

Even with the great running game they had last season the Giants O-line struggled. Carimi is a solid run blocker and maybe the best pass blocker in the draft. If the Giants can develop a solid line, their offense will be scary this coming season and their running backs may yet again be worthy in fantasy football.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brandon Harris – CB – Miami

One of the best athletes in the draft, Harris gives the Bucs insurance for the aging Ronde Barber and the troubled Aqib Talib. (Continue…)

Not the Weekend Yet

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Not the Weekend Yet

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I have a lot of days that I waste looking forward to what I perceive as better days. As my life has gone on I have tried hard not to do that as much. No matter what your plans or tasks are for a day, each day has the same value. Whether it is for work, fun or just relaxing each day is special and new. Every time I wake up I know that I have a new day to start with. Whether that be good or bad is up to me. Nothing can force you to have a bad day except your own desire to hold it back from its potential.

Wednesday, February 11, 2007 Afternoon

After school, the basketball team headed to the locker room for our last full practice before the Batavia game. We were all changing into our practice uniforms, trying to decide what we were going to do about Constance’s party. We were pretty conflicted, most of us enjoyed having a good time and drinking, but myself and a couple of the other guys who had been on varsity for a few years now, had lost to Batavia all 7 times we had played them in the last couple years, including a couple playoff losses. Our leading scorer, Chiefy, tended to be more concerned with drinking than most people were. He was stoked about the idea of having a party that night. (Continue…)